About us

INCERGO is a company founded on August 20, 2012. Last year, the company celebrated the 10th anniversary of its business activities in the Croatian market. The period since the company's inception has been far from easy, rather challenging and dynamic in terms of strategic and geopolitical shifts in energy markets, as well as the pandemic, which collectively contributed to business upheavals in energy markets and changes in ownership in market leaders, leading to the demise of small, medium, and large companies.The founders of the company have made and continue to make significant efforts to achieve the company's goals to the satisfaction of customers, partners, and suppliers. In line with this, we have defined our mission and vision, which help us achieve our strategic objectives.

An energy company in the trade of natural gas, oil derivatives and electricity in the European Union, Asia and Africa

  • Tel.: +385 1 5800 123
    Fax: +385 1 38 63 080

  • info@incergo.hr

  • Hruševečka ulica 9
    Zagreb, Croatia

  • Pon-Pet: 8am - 6pm